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So, it's been a while (as usual), had my first GCSEs this week (physics and RS) it seems so surreal to think that I have just done a real exam -- oh and I did my german and art exams last week, not sure what to think about the art atm apart from I nearly killed myself to finish printing in the time.

Also went to see The good Soul of Setzuan (sp?) at the Young Vic last friday with my Drama class (weird coincidence about the earthquake huh?), it was well staged although the play itself annoyed me as the message seemed so dated - very Brechtian/marxist! I also ate at a lovely bangladeshi restaurant around the corner called Bangalore, I love that it had booths on two levels at the sides with a ladder to get to the second - innovativeuse of space no?

Me and my friends in London

So, over the next month or so are all my exams - I really feel like I should care what happens in these but right now I just don't - I feel completely unmotivated! Study leave starts this friday, so ofe course, after a week of amazing weather, the rain has set in! I predict a lot of tears from some peeps in the next couple of days - help!

Also, why is it that during my RS exam today I kept starting to write 'b's instead of 'p's (annoyance)!


So...I got back from skiing in Switzerland on Saturday - had an awesome time!

Now I just have the joys of coursework to look forward to!

When I'm avoiding doing the above I've spent a lot of my time looking at the shows from the various recent international fashion weeks, some of the highlights for me were:

Pics ahead...Collapse )
TyFrom London

This dress by Jacob Kimmie - not the most original but I still enjoy the ruffle details

Ann Sofie Back's collection

Though in itself not particularly stunning technically I liked the concept of the heat/OK/celebrity theme (for the concept go here), and better still that there were some wearable, well-made pieces to be found

Gareth Pugh - general colection was enjoyable - no stand outs

I would love this dress by Rodnik for rockin nights out (yeah right!)

I also liked the wearability and smooth lines of unconditional, especially with the slightly 20s/30s vibe they had going on as I'm loveing that period at the moment and have been lookin at lots of early vogue covers and erte art.

Sadly I was kind of underwelmed by Ms Westwood's red collection although I liked some of her more tailored pieces

Unfortunately what with being on holiday and shiz I haven't got to grips with any of the other fashion weeks thanks to holidays and shiz. H/e from what I've seem I am leaning towards agreeing with what the fashion writers are saying about it being a little dull (thanks American credit crunch!).

...If only I could be arsed to put as much effort into coursework as I do looing at fashion...

A music check in - my currenct non-stop plays are Jhonny Cash, whose album I have had since 'ring of fire' but haven't got to grips with till now and also the soundtrack to Rocky Horror Picture Show - one of my favorite musicals ever!

Takky Maxx spree

Soo, the exams are finally finished (for now!) after todays physics module.

Ergo I decided to treat myself to a bit of retail therepy afterwards...

I'm rele too tired to write much more right now but I just had to share my amazing bargain!

And finally - you must hear these songs:

  • Pissing in the River - Patty Smith. First heard this on 'All Over You' (pretty god film btw if you're looking for something to watch) and fell in love - I love the cound of her voice here and the grittyness of it
  • Falling from Grace - The Gentle Waves. So lovely and gentle and...oh! I could listen to it for aaages
  • Anything by Hawksley Workman - He's one of my current musical obsessions. Good songs are: striptease, paper shoes, bullets, jealous of your ciggarette and we will still need a song
  • I'm also really digging the whole riot grrl sound and similar - for me this means Hole, Bikini Kill, Babes in Toyland, Jack off Jill, Queen Adreena, a bit of Helium and Daisy Chainsaw
  • Dresden Dolls - still my fallback music love
It's all on my last.fm anyway (http://www.last.fm/user/Camziez/)


So I tried making macarons for the first time today, which are notoriously difficult to get right and mine definately weren't...

I spent a while looking for a recipie that was detailed and I hoped would therefore be harder to much up (oh what an optimist I am) which was this. However, the end result was still far from satisfactory...

They should have looked like those at the top but they...didn't, they were rather too flat and lacked the 'feet' as they are called at the bottom, however, I sandwitched them with some chocolate ganache and they certainly tasted fine...

What do I think they went wrong? Firstly, I think my disks were rather to wide and not deep enough...secondly I don't think I waited long enough for the tops to dry before cooking them, however, the overall consistency of the batter was ((I think)) about right so hopefully now I know what not to do my second batch will be a bit better...

Also today I went for a rather exillerating jog...which was about the end to any interest in my day...

Inspiration =D

Soo, we've finally got a new topic in art - cubism is over WOO! It's emotions! Which I'm just loving - so much that could be done...and I spent like, half an hour after school today talking to my art teacher today and looking at a book of Klimpt's work (hence the pics in here - on the right The Golden Fish, on the left Water Snakes I),

What I'm thinking about at the moment for ONE piece is something featuring a pre-raphelite style woman, perhaps taking the compostion of Klipt and surrounding it with lots of pattern and symbolism, juxtoposing the happy/content emotion of the woman with the darker symbolism of the other things featured in it.

Another idea I've had is a two (or maybe more...) images in a more cartoonish style but usng the same basic concept, this time using colours that aare opposite to the mood of the picture, eg. greys and blues with a cheerful image.

Some more inspiration I've had is the image below that I saw on foto_decadent off the Tim walker for italien Vogue shoot (see bottom).

In other news, filled out the application form for Charterhouse so we'll have to see how that goes...

AND Ugly Betty series 2 starts tonight at 9 on Channel for - pity it's at the same time as The Tudors.

Been a while...

Because I feel ill and snuffelly and it's rained ALL day...

Soo - yep...I keep on doing things and meaning to but them up ...but I don't so yeah - I shall try, even if it IS just for my benifit!

The most interesting things that've happened since my last post are:

  • Lots of Baking

  • Prince Concert

  • Booking tickets to go see MCR (oooh I get to be all EMO)

  • Went to see Love's Labours Lost at the Globe in london with the school

I've also read some rather good books recently:

Read more...Collapse )

Hmm what else was I going to say here? Oh yes - I've just discovered StyleHive Stylehive Follows Me Badge <-my link :p - it looks like it'd be really useful for all those things I see and love (although I fear after a while I'll get bored with it or lasy - as with most things and stop using it)

Well I was gonna make a collage of some of the stuff I'm liking but I guess it'll have to wait as PS keeps freezing

Oh and I love this gal's comics http://www.nataliedee.com/index.php

Home again...

Me in the Youssopov Palace, St Petersburg ... Cause I'm scene like that ;P

So I got home on Saturday (up at 6, off at 7:30, home at 8:30...all of this and a stop at Tesco's along the way) and sat around in a major funk for a few days 'cause I majorly missed my friends from it (ie Grant).

Then I finally got up, washed my hair and got goin with stuff again. The last couple of days I've been working in my dad's office doin the accounts (so dull) this is because the old accountant up and left so I've gotta fill in...not only that but she left the accounts in a pretty disorganised state...

I really do hate sage btw

So yep... spoke to Grant today and I'm going to Canterbury tomorrow to see him (this makes me happy!)

Just reallised I haven't mentioned the cruise much so yep: it was rele good - made tons of friends who I miss tons (wonder how long I'll manage to keep contact with 'em!).

My fav places on the trip were probably Helsonki in Finland and St. Petersburg in Russia. S.P was really interesting with beatiful architecture and layout and Helsinki was just...the kind of place where I'd like to live! Seriously it was nice and clean/green and people seemed friendly and it just seemed pleasent. This could have just been 'cause I spent more time there so I got a feel for it but still - I love it! Oh, and I saw a shop called Camilla in Helsingborg, Sweden and was like WOAH - so I took a pic (I will post this when I can be arsed)

I'll leave you with this pic from St. Petersburg which made me titter but more will come when I can be arsed!

The walls have ears

....and faces

HP5 at the IMAX

Thoughtful much?

Today I went to see HP5 at the IMAX cinema in London with my friend Jenny, we were right in the front row and the screen was SO big it made me feel kinda dizzy looking at it. Also the last 20 minutes or so were meant to be in 3D but it didn't seem to work properly and was kinda blurry...
Some crits/comments of the film (brief as it's late)Collapse )
  • Most annoying thing for me = Sirius is killed with a Stunner not AVADA KEDAVA ... morons ¬¬
  • The thesterals didn't really look right to me
  • I LOVED Luna
  • Angsty!Harry mand me rofl
  • What was going on with the V/D battle - why did there wands link? More to the point: what was going on with Harry?
  • I think the appearence of the Dementors has changed hasn't it?
  • Young snape was hawt! Where as supposedly attractive charas such as james looked rather plain...
  • In all the picture etc James/Lily look, like 30 when they're meant to be 20ish
  • Helena Bonham-Carter rocked my sox and is TEH HAWTNESS as Bellatrix
  • Umbridge was good (tho what was with framing up/nailing the signs into the wall...I thought they had a notice board)
  • HAD they ever read the book?

On a further HP note I'm currently reading a rather brilliant LV/LL fic (I know unusual pairing) by sophiax_ndp  called Twelve Dark Moons it's really good - everone seems really in-character and the whole prisoner/sex slave thing is really made to work...plus Luna is a character I rather like!

Tomorrow I'm going on holiday for a cruise to Eastern Europe and Russia (celebrity cruises) ... I'm excited about this!

Lilium 2
Originally uploaded by GB glass
This picture seems to sum up my feelings on today.

For the fist time in what seems like forever, the weather has been good and so I have been able to revel in basking in the sun's rays, reading and listening to music (fortunately my zen seems to have recovered - more on that later).

I feel more relaxed than I have in a while, although my new creation could be to blame for that as well! It is a very simple drink, made of cherry brandy and orange juice with a hint of lemon (I'm not sure what ratio I did this in - probably about 1:2, although in future I would put in more), this was poured over ice and a little muddled raspberry - delicious!

The colour yellow is one that I always associate with summer and warmth, after all it is the colour of the sun (and smiley faces). Although it isn't a favourite it has a mellow, almost unobtrusive feeling to it that I think suits a day lazing around in a sunny garden.

So it was that I did a search for yellow beads (as I thought light would also add to the summery look - an almost-portrayal of sunlight) and found this lovely pic!

While in the garden I have been reading 'The Child in Time - Ian McEwan'. I picked this up a few weeks ago in my school library after recognising the name of the author and remembering that I had heard good things about his work, I started reading immediately but stopped less that 50 pages in as I wasn't really 'getting into it'. However since picking it up again I have found myself being drawn into the story more and although it hasn't really excited me yet I am persevering in the hope that it will....

On the Zen? It suddenly started freezing up so I panicked and with much difficulty managed to back up my music. However, it is now working *touch wood* so that's alright!

The Maccabees


Whew, so yep.

Saturday morning = receive e-mail to say I have won 2 tickets to go to the maccabees i-tunes festival concert ... THAT NIGHT!

So I went into excitement overdrive and dashed to ask mater if i could go. The response: yes so long as I had someone to go with and they came on the train to look after me (ah over-protectiveness)

BUT all of my friends had plans so me D :

Then about I was finally able to get through to my friend in london who would go with me = O.O ... : D

Sooo by this time I had about five minutes to get together my stuff and get ready (as by this time I had resigned myself to not being able to go. But we managed to get there so all was well.

And I am so glad I did - the concert was great. Really small - like 350 people and I managed to work my way through to the mosh which was awesome - I was S0 sweaty after tho! and my feet were like bleeding from bein trodden on so much!

Oh and in the train on the way back this guy did a humongous LOUD fart - he was alone so I knew it was him and I was just like ROFL! I am so mature. Oh and I bought a copy of vanity fair for the way back, complete with snazz t-shirt.

GOD that was long - I'd better sleep now!